Tubidi - Music Video Player App Reviews

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Doesn’t work

Doesn’t seem to work. It doesn’t go past the homepage. Music don’t load up.

في مشكله

صاير مايحمل اي شي معرف ايش المشكله

It's awful

Please bring the old tubidy back☹️


so bad 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

I cant use it

I cant find any song with this App when I try to search about song it gave me no results found why it is like that please fix it guys


I love it💋❤️✌️


It’s wasted has many ads and nothing is when use when you search rch a song it says no results


I love this app man

Not working

Can’t use it, tried to download again but not working






يرجى اضافه الغه العربيه والاغاني العربيه او البحث مثل الاصدار القديم




This is the best download music I could have

Doesn't even deserve one star...

This app is a fake Tubidy that doesn't even work, if you get this you're wasting your time


So, as usual I’m looking for AMAZING apps that can help me listen to music without having to sign up for anything and NO ADS. & i hate wasting my time on things that don’t follow through. Wouldn’t load any songs. I would type in Bruno mars and it would say “no results” and then I’d type in other music artist names and it would either say no results or it would just exit out the app. Thought it was my phone and so I restarted my phone but the results were the same.




I can’t even find any song by this app... when I try search it always says “no result for” what the hell is this

  • send link to app